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涓婃捣绡悆cba闂ㄧエ:International Business Office

cba篮球队 www.gmcoi.com The Arval International Business Office (IBO) is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual team of experts in managing international fleets. Based in Paris, the IBO team has the expertise to design, optimise and implement customised fleet strategies and the authority to make decisions internationally, delivering locally. With a dedicated international account management structure and clearly defined processes, the IBO implements the global contracts throughout the network of Arval subsidiaries and partners, performing regular reviews at both local and international level. Currently the Arval International Business Office (IBO) addresses more than 200 International Clients - in an average of 12 countries each - with a fleet of + 280,000 vehicles.

The unique client promise of IBO is to promote and coordinate multi-country business for global fleet management, ensuring:

  • One team of multinational experts
  • One International Approach
  • One International Business Development Manager per International Client
  • One International Implementation Process for all Arval Countries
  • One International Agreement
  • One International Service Charter Commitment
  • Global Reporting Tools ensuring a consolidated wiew of your international fleet performance

With the Arval International Business Office, you benefit from working with a powerful commercial partner that belongs to a major international bank, and have the following advantages:


? A strong partnership, the Element-Arval Global Alliance, with more than 3 million vehicles managed around the world.
? International Client Relationship Management with impartial Advice from a lessor that is fully independent from the vehicle manufacturing industry
? Unique Account Teams’ Methodology
? International products and services such as Arval Outsourcing Solutions
? International Implementation of your fleet strategy with documented results on cost savings
? Innovative thinking for a global vision of your fleet with the right solutions
? Fully integrated global reporting and a digital suite of tools

To contact IBO please email [email protected]