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  • Arval launches its SMaRT approach to support its customers in their energy transition
  • Arval has been awarded a gold recognition level on Ecovadis CSR platform


  • SME Solutions crosses 200,000 leased vehicles milestone
  • A new subsidiary for Arval in Norway
  • Launch of Arval For Me in Italy


  • Arval has reached 1,000,000 leased vehicles?threshold
  • A new subsidiary for Arval in Sweden


  • Arval acquires GE Capital Fleet Services in Europe
  • Arval sets up a joint-venture with Relsa in South-America
  • Launch of Arval Active Link, the first integrated offer for telematics on the market
Arval history 2015
Arval history 2014


  • The PHH Arval Global Alliance becomes the Element-Arval Global Alliance
  • Arval closes a deal with Shanghai Ba-shi Car Rental Service Co. LTD. to set up a joint-venture
  • Arval 25th year anniversary
  • Roll out of Arval Smart Experience in all Arval entities
  • Launch of the new brand signature: “Arval. We care about cars. We care about you.”


  • Launch of Arval Smart Experience in France, adding a whole new dimension to our customer and driver relationship
  • Arval Spain wins the “Customer Service of the Year 2013” award in the Operational Leasing Category
  • Arval Netherlands voted best leasing company 8th time in a row (Keala Research’s annual benchmark analysis)
  • Motortrade's used car sales hit the 300,000 mark
History 2013
History 2012


  • Creation of Arval Denmark
  • Creation of Arval Finland
  • Creation of Arval China
  • Launch of One Arval, the company’s strategic transformation programme


  • 100,000 vehicles sold on MotorTrade
  • Arval UK wins major industry awards: Leasing Company of the Year Award and Best New Product or Service Award for Grey Fleet Calculator
History 2011
History 2011


  • Launch of Louveo, the first company to launch the concept of medium-term car leasing on an institutional level countrywide, in France.
  • First International Fleet Industry Award goes to Arval and its on-line reporting tool, Arval Analytics
  • Arval Spain purchases CaixaRenting and becomes the first renting operator in the country
  • Arval Germany signs cooperation agreement with Commerzbank and takes over Commerz Real Autoleasing GmbH
  • New milestone for Arval: 650,000 leased vehicles


  • Arval celebrates 20 years
  • Signature of the first partnership for the electric vehicle (with Renault)
  • Launch of Motortrade, a second-hand vehicle retail website
History 2009
History 2008


  • Acquisition of X-Rent in Hungary????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Arval offsets the CO2 emissions of its vehicles??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  • Creation of Arval India and Greece
  • The birth of Greenval Insurance, the insurance company dedicated to Arval’s customers?????
History 2007
History 2006


  • Creation of Arval Romania
  • Opening of TEB Arval in Turkey
  • Creation of Arval Trading, specialised in the exportation of second-hand vehicles at an international scope
  • Second milestone for Arval: 500 000 leased vehicles


  • Creation of Arval Brasil???????????????????
  • Launch of Arval Russia????????????????????????????????
History 2005
History 2004


  • Arval PHH becomes Arval
  • Strengthening of Benelux (acquisition of Arma)
  • Creation of Arval Slovakia
  • Arval is the first full service vehicle leasing company to sign the United Nations Global Compact. Since, Arval is committed to aligning its operations and strategies with Global Compact’s principles


  • Creation of Arval Czech Republic???????????????????????????
  • Creation of Arval Hungary???????????????????????????????????????????
History 2003
History 2002


  • cba篮球队 www.gmcoi.com Creation of Arval Morocco

  • Creation of OVE by Arval France, since, the Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO) is implemented in 16 countries



  • The birth of Arval PHH. Today, Arval can rely on a network of key partnerships through the Element-Arval Global Alliance, especially in North America, Asia-Pacific and Africa.
  • Acquisition of Arval Germany
  • Creation of Arval Austria
History 2000
History 1999


  • Creation of Arval Netherlands
  • Creation of Arval Poland
  • Acquisition of Arval United-Kingdom
  • First?milestone for Arval with 100 000 leased vehicles


  • Acquisition of Arval Switzerland
  • Creation of Arval Portugal
  • Launch of the International Business Office, the service dedicated to international accounts
History 1998
History 1997


  • Creation of Arval Luxembourg


  • Creation of Arval Spain????????????
History 1996
History 1995


  • Creation of Arval Italy
  • Launch of the 1st Account Team in the Netherlands


  • Creation of Arval Belgium??????????????????????????????
History 1991
History 1989


  • Creation of Arval Service Lease in France – The company starts its activity with 6 employees and a Citro?n BX as its 1st leased vehicle